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Are these the same formulations as the Nimue professional range?

No. AgeWell is a completely different brand with its own concept and identity and thus has its unique formulations and active ingredients.

What ingredients are in each product?

The range uses an active complex of botanical ingredients.

  • Ingredients found in the Proactive Day and Night creams such as Caesalpinia Spinosa and Kappaphycus Alvarezil Extracts will enhance radiance, refine pores, prevent fine lines, shield against pollutants and reduce breakouts.
  • Ingredients found in the Pause Day and Night creams such as Secale Cereale (Rye) Seed Extract will instantly lift, firm and improve elasticity. This is in addition to the ingredients found in the Proactive creams.
  • Ingredients found in the Restore Day and Night creams, 360 Eye Enhancer and Revitalising Serum such as Bulgarian Rose Extract will increase hydration, revitalise and reduce sagging. This is in addition to the ingredients found in the Proactive and Pause creams.
  • Ingredients found in the Dual Action Cleanser such as Pumpkin Enzymes and Mild Surfactants will cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise.
  • Ingredients found in the Activating Toner such as Mirabilis Jalapa Extract will hydrate, soothe sensitivity and reduce redness.
  • An ingredient list for each product can be found in our product section.
Do you only offer anti-ageing products?

AgeWell is not an anti-ageing range, but rather an age-specific range preventing ageing in your 20s, slowing down the signs of ageing in your 30s and treating ageing in your 40s+

Why are there only 10 products in the range?

The current products in the range were selected to meet your basic daily skin needs of preparing your skin (cleanse and tone) for the enhanced absorption of your treatment and protection products (serums and moisturisers). The range will, however, expand in the near future, so please be sure to keep a lookout for new product launches.

Are only the day and night creams age-specific?

Yes, as the nature and concentration of active ingredients vary to align with specific age group needs to achieve the best possible results. The rest of the products in the range can adapt to all skin conditions and seasons, thus making it suitable for all ages.

Does AgeWell test on animals?

No. AgeWell is known as a responsible and regulatory compliant skincare range, and we do not use any ingredients that would be harmful to any human, animal or the environment.